To the point as custom-tailors ought to be, we take in account your body form and your posture.
For that SuitArt uses over 30 body measurements to tailor your suit.



Small Hydro, China


This bundle of small and micro hydro plants provides China’s rural and mountainous South-West with emission free energy. Without the need for a retaining dam, the plants use natural height differences to generate sustainable power. For more info on the project click here, and to check out the video, click here.

SuitArt has invested a total of 140 sollars into this project


Wind farms, New Caledonia


Though rich in wind resources, New Caledonia is reducing its dependency for energy generations using fossil fuel. The two wind farms of Prony and Kafeate are using world first technology to green-up the national grid and provide positive socio economic Improvements for the communities. For more information on the project click here.

SuitArt has invested a total of 1073747201 sollars into this project