L'idée d'Helvetiq est née lors de la procédure de naturalisation suisse de Hadi. S’amusant à questionner ses amis suisses à propos du savoir requis lors des entretiens de naturalisation, il s'est rendu compte que tous ne connaissaient pas les réponses. 




Wind farms, New Caledonia


Though rich in wind resources, New Caledonia is reducing its dependency for energy generations using fossil fuel. The two wind farms of Prony and Kafeate are using world first technology to green-up the national grid and provide positive socio economic Improvements for the communities. For more information on the project click here.

Helvetiq has invested a total of 10 sollars into this project


Energy from gas, China


This Gold Standard project captures the methane emissions from a landfill and uses it for clean power generation, improves the lives of locals and contributes to sustainable development in China. For more information click here, or check out the video of the project.

Helvetiq has invested a total of 3825 sollars into this project